Meet Our Leaders




Kelly Howard has over 20 years in the healthcare industry and is the founder of Body Contouring & More. Kelly has a background in business development and expansion markets. Body Contouring & More is a woman owned business. Kelly built the Body Contouring & More accredited certification course as she wanted to give women a platform to thrive and lift up other women. She has a passion for people and believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than making a positive impact on others and seeing her clients and students achieve their goals.

Katrina Fischer-CFO


Katrina Fischer has 15 years of experience in the real estate and business industry. She successful managed several multi-million-dollar portfolios before leaving the industry to pursue her own passion in the fitness industry. In 2015, she founded a wellness facility called Elev8 Performance which was the first facility to offer Body Contouring & More. Katrina’s background in business, paired with her passion to help others, lead her to join the Body Contouring & More executive team.

Jamie Johnston
Sales Account Manager

Jamie Johnston has had a passion for people and beauty her entire life. She became an Esthetician in 2003 after college to fulfill her love for both. Her degree in Organizational Communications, skin care sales background and plethora of industry knowledge led her to join Body Contouring & More. She loves to see people reach their beauty goals and become the best version of themself. Jamie also loves spending time with her husband and four children.

Stephanie Valenzuela
Body Sculpting Practitioner

Stephanie Valenzuela has been in the beauty industry for 17 years, primarily as a makeup artist and most recently as an esthetician. She is excited to incorporate body sculpting as one of her main services because it allows her to help people achieve their self improvement goals. Stephanie hopes to serve her clients by serving them wholeheartedly and being part of their healthy life style and self confidence journey.

Jillian Ambrose
Executive Assistant

Jillian Ambrose has over 7 years of experience in operations, management, customer service and is the executive assistant of Body Contouring & More. She has led and delegated for multiple multi-million dollar businesses, provided great administrative assistance, and keeps comprehensive and accurate records. She ensures Body Contouring & More can efficiently accomplish key tasks and company initiatives.