In-HouseĀ Financing Options


We offer simple and easy financing options that allow you to pay over time through low monthly payments.

Applying is completely free & easy!

3 Reasons WhyĀ Clients LoveĀ Financing with Body:
  1. No pre-approval.
  2. No credit check.
  3. 0% interest rate.


How Does Our In-House Payment Plan Work?

We are pleased to offer you our convenient in-house payment plan option, which comes with an added benefit. With this payment plan, not only can you purchase our certification course, any training bundle, or our Train the Trainer program, but you will also be placed on a shipping schedule. As you make your payments, your items will be shipped to you accordingly.

Our in-house payment plan provides you with a flexible 3 months. To make it even more affordable for you, there is only a one-time 5% financing fee, which will be spread out and amortized over the payment plan term.

This internal payment option allows you to start benefiting from our offerings while managing your budget effectively. You can enjoy the convenience of receiving your items gradually as you progress through the payment plan.

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Click on any course or bundle option to see our payment plans for each one of them! Once you choose a payment plan term that best fits your budget, click on it and you'll be redirected to the checkout page where you can learn more about the course or training bundle.

Training Courses

*Your course will be available after the second payment month.

*Your course will be available after the second payment month.

*Your course will be available after the second payment month.

Training Bundles

Basic Bundles
Advanced  Bundles
Business  Bundles

Note: Shipping schedules may change or vary.
Please contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected]

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